Senior visual designer at Telefónica

I have left Telefónica. Now I'm studying, learning new stuff, building projects for fun and riding my bike. I'm open to new opportunities. If you're interested in working together, please email me ;)
info@quiqueciria.es · GitHub

Notes about my work:

❤️ Mistica Design System of Telefónica
📑 Post about the reason we built Mística by Álvaro Millán
📑 Post about Mistica Design System (spa)
🎥 Video of introduction to Mistica Design System
📱 Mi Movistar App
📱 Tuenti App
📱 O2 UK app
📺 Post about of the Living App of Mi Movistar
🎥 Video of introduction to the Living App of Mi Movistar
✏️ Moodboard of old works